European Mobility Expo

The next exhibition will take place on October 1, 2 and 3, 2023
at the 
Strasbourg exhibition centre


The European Mobility Expo is the only professional European exhibition featuring public transport and all forms of mobility. It takes place every two years in Paris, organised by GIE Objectif Transport Public. The 2024 edition will take place in Strasbourg for the first time.

The European Mobility Exhibition gathers all the key players working to promote public transport and sustainable mobility in France and across Europe. 

The only Europe-wide multi-modal exhibition

With 11,000 participants and over 250 exhibitors from all aspects of the urban, interurban and regional public transport sector (rail, bus, coach, bikes, etc), the exhibition is the place to find out about the best skills, the latest innovations, and transport policies.
Industries, sub-contractors, operators, organising authorities and elected representatives from France and Europe regularly attend this gathering, which is an excellent forum for business opportunities.

Promoting public transport

For councillors and others with responsibility for local travel within urban districts, regions and other territories throughout Europe, the exhibition offers a dynamic focus for a European transport culture, bringing together different experiences and sharing best practices.

Innovation at the heart of the exhibition

This unique European event, encompassing all forms of public transport, is an opportunity to take stock of the latest innovations in equipment, techniques, and management, implemented in major networks everywhere.